Let Me Ask You Something...

Are you fed-up of sending your hard earned traffic to low-ticket sales pages, only to see pathetic 1% (or less) conversions and high refunds?
Let's face it, competition in Internet marketing is at fearsome levels and making descent affiliate commissions promoting products is becoming harder by the day.

A Solution: My Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Program

People are less willing to take out their credit cards and purchase in these tough economic times, fact. That makes earning $1.50 per lead just from promoting an offer, a whole lot more appealing and profitable...
You get paid a commission every time you generate a US, UK, Canadian or Australian double opt-in lead through your affiliate link. Your visitor opt's-in because they're interested in the offer and then when they choose to double opt-in, you get paid, simple as that!
No long complicated forms to complete, just a name and email submission that will take your visitor just seconds to do.


I'll Send You Back Clicks Too

In an industry first, every opt-in that isn't from the tier 1 countries I pay out for, I'll redirect back to any link you like directly after they opt-in!
These clicks could go to your rotator, affiliate offer, sales page or another squeeze page of your choosing. If you're selling traffic just think of the extra cash you'll be making.
This allows me to reward you for every single lead you generate, no matter what country they are from.


My landing page is split-tested to the max, with 20 rotated backgrouds to keep it fresh, consistently converting at around 50% (worldwide traffic) and I will even pay you for leads from the exit traffic, which converts at around a solid 10%.
See below a conversion screen-shot from my Aweber autoresponder...


Is This Program For Me?

Whether you're a small marketer or a super affiliate, my pay-per-lead program can easily give you a serious new income stream, paid monthly.
Receive a commission for every US, UK, Can or Aus lead you generate, simple.

How To Earn Monthly Paypal Commissions

You can promote your affiliate link via email broadcasts, autoresponder follow-ups, rotators, blog posts, social media, banners, PPC, solo ads (as long as it's not SPAM.)
Please note that incentivised leads are strictly NOT allowed, leads must be genuine people interested in the offer. No fraudulent bots or fake emails. No Pay-Per-View, Paid-To-Click, Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, low quality bulk sources, or Fiverr traffic allowed.
ALL accounts are monitored closely, try and de-fraud me and you'll be banned instantly and lose all commissions. Promote fairly, send good quality honest traffic and you'll be rewarded well!
For truly automated passive income, simply add a banner or link to your 'thank you'/download pages or follow-up autoresponder messages, for easy cash. All promotional material is given to you after sign-up.

The Offer

Your visitor will receive access to step-by-step training, outlining a simple system for making money online, with the aim of building a consistent daily income stream and business.
The squeeze page your visitors will land on, is deliberately a generic style Make Money Online/Internet Marketing niche page and therefore performs really well will many types/sources of traffic. From laser targeted email broadcasts, to untargeted rotator clicks, or even exit clicks from your own squeeze page, they will all convert.
Here's an example link of the page you'll be promoting...
The exit offer is a free WordPress plugins package, that always get's an excellent response, ensuring you get the maximum chance of a commission from your clicks, even if they don't go for the initial offer.

How Do I Start Earning?

Simply join my pay-per-lead program by completing the form below. Be sure to confirm your subscription via the email sent.
I look forward to sending you big commission payments directly into your Paypal account on the last day of every month...

IMPORTANT - Before You Join...

NOTE: Real-time affiliate stats are unavailable, therefore there's no login facility. This is mostly due to the issue of deducting out duplicate leads and it's also important for detecting fraudulent bot leads, which are not tolerated and will result in account termination. You're emailed a stats report on the last day of every month (along with your commission payment) but can request your latest stats report anytime.

ALSO: This program is for established affiliates only, marketers who can send traffic. If you're new to affiliate marketing and have no way of generating clicks, this is not for you but feel free to return once you're established as an affiliate who can send traffic, thank you.


By joining you're agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions, please read...

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

For any questions please contact me: james-jordan [at] cashsuperstar.com